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Howlite bead bracelet with adjustable gold crown accessory

Howlite bead bracelet with adjustable gold crown accessory

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Howlite stone is a white or cream-toned gem that often has black veins or lines, simulating the appearance of turquoise. This stone has several meanings and properties:

1. Relaxation and calm : Howlite is associated with relaxation and mental calm. It is believed to help reduce stress, anxiety and anger, promoting a sense of inner peace and tranquility.

2. Wisdom : This stone is considered an ally in the process of acquiring knowledge and wisdom. It helps stimulate the mind and critical thinking, facilitating learning and understanding new ideas.

3. Spiritual Connection : Howlite is used in spiritual and meditation practices to promote connection with the inner self and higher dimensions of consciousness.

4. Self-awareness : This stone can help foster self-awareness and self-knowledge, allowing us to better see and understand our emotions and behaviors.

5. Patience and patience : Howlite is associated with patience and tolerance. It can help people stay calm in difficult situations and develop a more understanding attitude toward others.

Howlite stone is appreciated for both its beauty and its spiritual and therapeutic properties. It is used in the manufacture of jewelry, amulets and decorative objects, as well as in the practice of meditation and energy healing.
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