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Signature Double Blue Tiger Eye Bracelet

Signature Double Blue Tiger Eye Bracelet

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Material: Blue Tiger Eye Stone

Size: 16 to 28 cm in circumference (adjustable)

What does the blue tiger eye bracelet mean?

Within the group of precious stones, those with a blue color always stand out and are usually among the most appreciated. This extensive group of gems includes the well-known blue tiger's eye , one of the most popular stones in the quartz family. Find out here all its properties, characteristics, benefits and uses.

Blue tiger's eye stone is a mineral that belongs to the quartz family and is a variety of tiger's eye quartz. Visually, this stone presents itself with a fibrous texture combined in blue colors and black, greenish and bluish gray tones distributed in bands. In many places around the world it is also known as hawk's eye stone .

Many benefits, both physical and mental, are associated with the tiger's eye stone. In addition to being a stone that relaxes, stimulates the mind, protects from stress or anxiety and develops creativity , it is also said that, on the physical level, it can eliminate the most persistent headaches.

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Blue Tiger's Eye

Blue Tiger's Eye, with its unusual deep blue hue, evokes a mysterious elegance. This gem symbolizes serenity and a connection to the celestial, acting as an amulet of protection and mental clarity. Its beauty and spiritual significance make it a cherished gem for its ability to instill peace and wisdom.