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Signature Single Bracelet Blue Tiger Eye 8mm

Signature Single Bracelet Blue Tiger Eye 8mm

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What does blue tiger's eye stone mean?

Blue tiger's eye stone, also known as "blue hawk's eye," is a variety of quartz that gets its name from its appearance that resembles the eye of a tiger. This gem has various meanings and properties, some of which are:

1. Protection and confidence : Blue tiger's eye is considered to be a powerful protective amulet, helping to dispel negative energies and protect against bad influences. In addition, it is associated with self-confidence and making clear decisions.

2. Emotional balance : It is believed that this stone can help balance emotions and encourage inner calm. Helps reduce stress, anxiety and promote emotional harmony.

3. Vision and perception : Blue tiger eye is related to clear vision and perception. It is said to help you see situations from a more objective and realistic perspective, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

4. Communication and expression : This stone is associated with effective communication and personal expression. It can help overcome communication blocks and express thoughts and feelings more clearly.

In general, blue tiger's eye is considered a powerful stone for strengthening self-confidence, promoting emotional balance and protecting against negative energies, thus providing a greater sense of security and well-being.

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Blue Tiger's Eye

Blue Tiger's Eye, with its unusual deep blue hue, evokes a mysterious elegance. This gem symbolizes serenity and a connection to the celestial, acting as an amulet of protection and mental clarity. Its beauty and spiritual significance make it a cherished gem for its ability to instill peace and wisdom.